FM Global Optimizes Insurance Claims with Skan Process Intelligence Platform

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 5000+
  • Revenue $5B+
  • Location London

Our Client

FM Global is a leading commercial insurance provider. Core parts of their business involve the fulfillment of claims, a formal request by a policyholder for coverage, or compensation for a covered loss or policy event. It is critical to both customer satisfaction as well as management of business costs that these claims are processed both quickly and accurately.


As FM Global grew its book of business and number of customers, it was faced with the challenge of serving an increasing number of claims, while retaining the integrity of its savvy decision-making process. They also strived for fast turnaround times to ensure the delight of their customers, all without increasing the size of the team servicing those claims. 

To achieve these goals, FM Global looked towards tools and techniques such as automation, process optimization, and digitization. However, FM Global quickly realized that before they could optimize their processes, they needed to better understand their processes. Without this key knowledge, they couldn’t determine how they could improve nor see what their roadblocks and challenges were.

Process Improvement
process improvement through workforce capacity utilization. 
Automation Opportunities
new opportunities for automation.


FM Global’s initial approach to understanding their processes was through conventional process discovery. But they encountered many challenges going the manual route. So FM Global turned to Skan’s automated process discovery and AI technologies. Several key capabilities set Skan apart from the rest of the solutions on the market:

â—Ź    Skan’s approach enabled the highest level of detail and richness of data. Skan provided specific task level data, how employees were completing processes, and how long processes and tasks were taking. Additionally, Skan provided visibility into which tools were being used, even where, in certain cases, those tools were not supposed to be part of the process.

â—Ź    FM Global’s information security team was excited about the way Skan’s tool worked, because no confidential or sensitive data needed to leave FM Global servers for analysis. As a result, FM Global was able to get the insight that Skan provides while keeping all confidential and sensitive data internal to their network. 

â—Ź    Skan’s computer vision-based approach to automated process discovery was able to run in the background, so FM Global was able to get an authentic view of how processes ran without the need to take any employees away from day-to-day tasks or work.



FM Global was able to get a richness of data that could never have been achieved through conducting employee interviews. They uncovered insights such as how long it took to truly complete a process, an understanding of the variations, and the most frequently visited process paths. Moving forward, FM Global evaluated not just using Skan for automation efforts, but also for broader process improvement efforts.
“One of the things you don’t ever want to do is automate a bad process. You are just going to make bad things happen faster, and that is not what anyone wants.”
Jen Faria
Digital Enablement and Automation Services Lead, AVP FM Global

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