F50 Technology Leader Partners with Skan to Improve Incident Management Case Journey

  • IndustryTechnology
  • Company Size 130,000+
  • Revenue $90B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This client is a provider of innovative technology solutions. They not only dominate the PC market, but venture into high-end computing technology, offering solutions in cloud computing, data storage, and virtual reality.


The primary business objective was to gain improved visibility into the Incident Management case journey for customer support, a deeper understanding of the various routes to completion, and an assessment of the effectiveness of existing applications. This involved determining time allocations within the Case Management, Knowledge Base, and Log Analysis stages to enhance process efficiency. 

Additionally, efforts were made to differentiate between connected and disconnected systems to pinpoint optimization opportunities and reduce processing time through automation. These initiatives aimed to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency within the Incident Management framework.
Cost Savings
estimated potential savings with standardization and automation 
reduction in average case processing time with standardization


Skan provided detailed insights to address the client's operational challenges. First, Skan delivered insights to optimize time and effort by analyzing processing time between systems, conducting cost analysis, improving capacity utilization, and boosting productivity.

Additionally, Skan compared geographies, analyzed first pass rates, and pinpointed opportunities to reduce rework, further enhancing productivity. The platform also identified automation opportunities to streamline processes and cut processing time.

Finally, Skan recommended process standardization to achieve cost savings. Together, these multifaceted insights aimed to drive operational efficiency and deliver tangible improvements across the client's workflow.


The outcomes resulting from Skan's insights were significant and impactful. Through standardization and automation initiatives, the client stands to realize an estimated potential savings of $2 billion. The major driver of these savings is a 50% reduction in average case processing time, demonstrating substantial efficiency gains.

Skan's insights also paved the way for increasing the number of connected systems from 10% to a minimum of 25%, enabling the client to achieve significant cost savings. Additionally, recommendations to automate repeatable activities resulted in a reduction in processing time, contributing to a 20% decrease in average processing time per case. These outcomes collectively signify a transformative shift in operational efficiency, positioning the client for sustained success and financial growth.

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