Global Hi-Tech Leader Partners with Skan to Enhance Sales and Front Office Productivity

  • IndustryTechnology
  • Company Size 130,000+
  • Revenue $90B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This client is a provider of innovative technology solutions. They not only dominate the PC market, but venture into high-end computing technology, offering solutions in cloud computing, data storage, and virtual reality.



Our client’s main business objective was to address the significant challenge of limited operational visibility within their sales process. This process involves 25,000 sales representatives using the SalesForce CRM and proprietary sales applications. Despite having access to customer feedback data and sporadic time-in-motion studies, this lack of comprehensive insight acted as a bottleneck, impeding transformation of the sales and front-office process.

Positioned as a pivotal enabler in the client's sales process transformation for the fiscal year 2025, Skan’s goal is to provide real-time decision support and advanced analytics, specifically targeting the "create quote" and "create solution" subprocesses. By leveraging Skan's capabilities, the client aimed to gain a deeper understanding of their sales operations, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements.
Cost Savings
savings from standardization
boost in quotes creation


Skan was deployed to deliver comprehensive operational insights into the client's sales ecosystem, encompassing their salespeople, processes, and technology infrastructure. Skan meticulously observed the end-to-end processes executed by the sales team as they used their CRM platform and proprietary sales applications. Through this observation, detailed process maps were generated, and a wealth of operational metrics were captured including workforce utilization, productivity, process cycle times, tool utilization, and task repetition.

Skan then conducted a thorough analysis of this data to uncover transformational insights. Leveraging Skan's process intelligence capabilities, numerous opportunities were identified to enhance productivity across the sales team. By discerning efficiency patterns exhibited by top performers and implementing operational changes informed by these insights, Skan facilitated the realization of millions of dollars in estimated annual savings for the client.


The outcome of implementing insights from Skan is projected to result in substantial annual savings exceeding $2.1 million. Additionally, by boosting productivity and utilization across the Salesforce CRM, the client stands to save over four thousand full-time equivalent positions in attrition-related costs. 

Furthermore, the enhanced efficiency achieved through the elimination or automation of mundane, high-volume, and repetitive tasks promises to streamline operations, allowing resources to be reallocated to more value-added activities. These benefits not only translate into significant cost savings but also help in achieving sustained growth and competitive advantage in the market.

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