Real Estate Leader Partners with Skan to Optimize Lease Administration

  • IndustryReal Estate
  • Company Size 100,000+
  • Revenue $30B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This client is a worldwide commercial real estate services and investment company, with clients in 100+ countries, including over 95% of the Fortune 100. It offers strategic advice and execution to owners, investors, and occupiers of real estate.

With services, insights and data that spans every dimension of the industry, it provides commercial real estate solutions for organizations of every size, in every sector and geography.



The client’s objectve was to determine the LoE (Level of Effort) required in its office lease administration process. The project measured the unit of work performed for this process across customers within the same industry as well as different industries.

The client set out to closely examine their use of process and non-process applications. Comparing their level of effort to industry standards would reveal efficiency gaps. Mapping work output by location would spotlight high- and low-productivity offices. These insights into application usage could pinpoint where automation would maximize ROI.

Tracking SLAs and cycle times would uncover performance bottlenecks. Analyzing roles and time in process applications would yield a crystal-clear workforce productivity picture.

The client approached this initiative with an open, objective mindset. They sought an accurate understanding of their operations, not confirmation of assumptions. This posture prepared them to make data-driven decisions for process optimization.

Cost Savings
annual savings through automation
reduction in the Level of Effort (LOE)


Skan's deep expertise uncovered hidden insights to drive process improvements. Its meticulous analysis of over 90 unique applications and 27,000+ cases revealed opportunities to streamline operations. By mapping end-to-end processes and benchmarking productivity metrics, Skan identified automation opportunities to reduce costs and variability.

The engagement delivered actionable intelligence on processing times, application usage, and automation readiness across customer segments and industries. Armed with Skan's data-driven recommendations, the client confidently transformed workflows and accelerated cycle times.

Skan's strategic approach shared insights on process performance, enabling implementation of data-driven solutions for a more efficient, consistent, and customer-centric operation.



After just four weeks of working with Skan, the client saw remarkable improvements that made their operations more efficient and effective. Copy-and-paste redundancies were eliminated, saving employees valuable time. Data entry errors became a thing of the past, ensuring accuracy across systems. Most importantly, the client gained crucial Insights into its workforce productivity.


They discovered that some operators lagged behind in serving B2B customers. Processing times for these operators were twice as long compared to top performers. Armed with this Intelligence, the client was able to optimize workflows, coach underperforming staff to boost performance, and better align roles to maximize productivity. Skan's solution created visibility that will allow the client to unlock greater business performance on an on-going basis.

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