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Unleashing Efficiency: Skan at Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit

The recent Plug and Play Silicon Valley December Summit showcased the impact of AI technologies, unlocking endless possibilities for businesses across diverse industries. Among the 300+ batch startups from 19 industry-focused innovation programs, Skan emerged as a trailblazer in the field of AI, presenting a revolutionary solution designed to transform business strategies and enhance productivity.

Unlocking AI adoption with Skan:

During the summit, Skan took center stage as PnP Partner Amit Patel shed light on the future of AI technology and how Skan is at the forefront of unlocking new productivity gains for enterprises through the augmentation of work processes. Patel highlighted a common challenge faced by senior executives leading internal digital transformations: the lack of accessible quality data on the operating model.

The traditional approach of training or fine-tuning foundational AI models, such as large language models (LLM) in Generative AI, requires feeding the LLM with robust sets of internal data lakes captured from the unique processes the company operates with, becoming a core challenge for enterprises that lack the baseline foundational data with insights across the end-to-end business processes and tasks. Skan addresses this critical gap by leveraging AI and computer vision to observe work in real-time, capturing a 360° view of core processes across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, eliminating the need for complex back-end integrations such as the case with Process Mining platforms.

Skan's Unique Approach to Workforce Intelligence:

Skan's innovative approach involves providing metadata for entire operating models within workflow processes. This includes crucial insights such as the duration of specific workflows, user interactions, application usage patterns, identification of bottlenecks, and detection of variations and exceptions not apparent to the naked eye.

This real-time, comprehensive data allows enterprises to query process data effectively, assess the return on investment from digital transformation technologies, and identify opportunities for automation. Skan's non-intrusive methodology stands out by capturing nuanced details of your workforce's interaction with systems and processes and their outcomes, without disrupting existing workflows. It offers seamless integration of AI into daily operations and provides the workforce metrics needed to scope out change management, training, or upskilling programs to drive the future of work readiness.

Real-World Impact | Unum Case Study:

To showcase the practical applications of Skan’s technology, we presented a compelling success story during the PnP summit with insurance titan, Unum. Skan CEO Avinash Misra took the stage with Unum SVP of Transformation, Miloje Stevanovic to share how Skan's process intelligence insights played a pivotal role in boosting workforce productivity and unlocking human potential during Unum's transformation journey with AI.

Skan | Unum at PnP Silicon Valley Summit

By providing valuable insights into operational efficiency, Skan was able to arm one of the largest insurance enterprises with the ability to make informed decisions, build foundational data for training AI models, validate the success of their digital initiatives, and identify areas for further improvement.

Navigating Digital Transformation with Skan's Actionable Insights

Skan's presence at the Plug n Play Silicon Valley December Summit showcased not only the power of AI in transforming businesses, but also the practicality and effectiveness of Skan's unique approach. As enterprises continue to grapple with the challenges of embracing enterprise general AI, Skan's Process Intelligence platform offers a solution that empowers organizations to harness the full potential of AI technologies while ensuring tangible and measurable results in their operational processes.


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