Leading Healthcare Services Provider Partners with Skan to reduce cost of operations & maximize efficiency

  • IndustryHealthcare Payer
  • Company Size 10,000+
  • Revenue $6B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This Fortune 50 company leverages technology to provide health insurance for over 150+ million people across the U.S. For their customers, they merge the power of data with a full range of benefits to improve the healthcare experience from top to bottom.


The client’s objective was to reduce the cost of operations and improve overall efficiency in its contact center operations. They sought actionable insights into the work performed outside of their company's top five main contact center applications. Specifically, they wanted to compare the various types of requests received, known as intents, and their impact on process execution.

Additionally, the client wanted to understand which tasks were performed after calls were concluded, including quantifying the percentage of work that occurs during after-call-work (ACW). Measuring overall productivity was another key goal. By analyzing the work performed outside of  their core contact center applications, the client aimed to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the activities and productivity throughout their organization. 

Cost Savings
in potential savings identified
improvement with enhanced operational efficiency & user experience


Skan provided valuable insights into opportunities to improve agent productivity by analyzing average handle time (AHT) and after call work (ACW). By examining time spent in core applications versus other applications, they identified opportunities to optimize workflow.

Their intent-level analysis of call types revealed redundant activities that could be automated or eliminated. With a data-driven approach, Skan identified areas where agents can work smarter, not harder, boost efficiency and customer experience. The deep-dive highlighted actionable insights to streamline processes, reduce effort, and empower agents to focus on high-value interactions. 



Skan highlighted how to build and prioritize a backlog of product enhancements that provide highvalue to users. Skan offered a treasure trove of insights into the current application landscape and where users spend their time.

Most importantly, Skan identified several opportunities to streamline operations and delight users through improvements to efficiency and experience. Their deep expertise promises to guide the way towards a product roadmap that captures the full potential to better serve customer needs. 

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