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How Automation Can Improve Productivity for Corporate Teams

Hosted by Cathay Innovation

In this knowledge sharing webinar, we give a behind the scenes look on how companies have been able to monetize operational data to understand opportunities, make better decisions, reduce costs, and serve clients in a faster and more meaningful way.

You'll walk away with key insights and clear pathways on how corporations are integrating AI and automation into tech strategies, including:

  • How to extract better insights from data
  • How to make faster, data-driven decisions
  • How AI and automation is being applied to significantly improve productivity for corporate teams


  1. Welcome / Keynote
    • Simon Wu, Partner at Cathay Innovation
  2. Laiye Overview: Work productivity & utilizing AI across regions
    • Brian Briggs, VP of Product Strategy and Product Marketing, Laiye
  3. Skan Overview: Lexis Nexis case study
    • Vinay Mummigatti, EVP for Strategy and Customer Transformation, Skan
  4. Q & A
    • Moderator: Simon Wu, Cathay Innovation

About Cathay Innovation:

A global venture capital platform investing in startups positively impacting the world through technology.

About Laiye:

Envisioning a future where businesses and people are transformed by the power of intelligent automation, by software robots that help them do better... and be better.

Laiye's AI-powered automation platform empowers organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. For enterprises experienced in automation, their self-learning bots and conversational agents underpinned with native AI can help companies unlock the next level of business benefits. Laiye combines Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, and Chatbots to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity across the entire life cycle of a business process.

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